The Company

Heat & Power is an Energy Service Company (ESCo), specialized in the production of high efficiency energy through cogeneration. The  ESCo energy efficiency modality requires that the supplier company, in this case Heat & Power,  projects, installs and operates power plants at the customer’s facilities, both creating and maintaining them with their own capital. The supplier’s financial return from the investment is obtained through an energy service contract.  

Heat & Power technology is characterized by the use of standardized and modular cogeneration units based on turbines and internal combustion engines fuelled with natural gas, biogas and vegetable oils, combined with heat recovery systems and - when necessary - absorbers for the production of cold.

These systems are managed through Remote Control. Heat & Power was one of the first European companies to have started operating as ESCos and currently operates the largest owned network of cogeneration distribution on industrial, commercial and civil sites. Thanks to its extensive experience gained in its field, Heat & Power also offers consulting services in the field of energy efficiency.

The Heat & Power Group is one of the leading Italian companies dedicated to the provision of energy efficiency services for industrial customers.

kWh Bio + NGS

576.501.000 kWh

CO2 risparmiata Bio + NGS

259.426.000 kg

TEP risparmiate Bio + NGS

111.341 TEP

Our history

  • Heat & Power was formed. Heat & Power, headquartered in Tortona, is an ESCo energy service company specializing in the supply of high-efficiency energy through cogeneration.

  • Among Heat & Power’s most important partners are Guido Ghisolfi, partner and vice president of the MG GROUP, a global leader in PET, Schejola & Partners, a U.S. fund, and CIE Spa Group Gavius. In 2005 the first kWh of energy was produced by the plant built for the offices of Tortona Mossi and Ghisolfi. The early months of 2005 also saw the inception of a plant installed in Rivalta Scrivia for the Technology Park, and a plant for a business center in the heart of Milan. All three systems are tri-generative systems (producing electricity, heat and cooling energy) built with natural gas-fueled microturbines.

  • Heat & Power ended its start-up phase with high growth rates and began a phase of expansion for external lines.

  • H&P acquires a 51% majority share of Interesco Srl, an ESCO specializing in systems for the recovery of thermal energy losses.

  • Acquisition at the start of the year of the cogeneration business of MGT Ltd. H&P establishes BBM with ICE Srl (Group Gavius) and Terrae (Confagricoltura) for the production of biomass energy. H&P acquires from the Pirelli Group 51% of Green and CO2, a company that deals with energy efficiency.

  • Heat & Power acquires from Tesa 100% of Genergia Spa, ESCo. working in the fields of cogeneration and energy consulting. H&P obtains the energy certification UNI CEI EN 11352 dedicated to Energy Service Companies.

  • With the latest plant start-ups, H&P operate about 30 cogeneration plants, for more than 27 MWe, of which 20% is from renewable sources.

  • Acquisition by E.ON Connecting Energies