Heat & Power provides its customers with energy consultancy with the aim of identifying possible areas where efficiency measures can be applied that will result in significant savings (savings in consumption). The energy advice provided by Heat & Power is organized in different services that can be delivered individually or, more often, as phases of an integrated process.

Energy Audit

The first service, which is also the prerequisite for each efficiency intervention is the energy audit.

Starting from a targeted investigation of energy consumption in the buildings and in the industrial processes and services which take place there, Heat and Power identifies the areas for energy saving and the functional technological and organizational solutions required to reduce consumption through proposals for property renovation, organisational and technological restructuring, etc.

The analyses carried out lead to the development of several solutions aimed at optimizing the cost / benefit ratio, maximizing energy savings and minimizing the possible costs of investment, operation and maintenance. An estimate of CO2 emissions that will be avoided thanks to the projected actions can be supplied with the final project.

The financial analysis is performed through the use of parameters such as investment costs, operating costs, useful life, annual energy savings during the investment period, interest rate and cost of capital. The results of this analysis allow classification of the proposed measures , so as to identify investment priorities,  also taking into account the possibility to taking advantage of any incentives, tax breaks and, where possible, energy efficiency certificates.

Energy Efficiency Credits

Once the necessary operations have been performed, Heat and Power provides the service of valorisation of the customer’s energy efficiency by obtaining TEE - Energy Efficiency Certificates, and their subsequent management .

Heat & Power is an Energy Service Company (ESCo) accredited by the Authority for Electricity and Gas (AEEG) and supports the customer during the design and implementation of operations, in the preparation of the case to be submitted to the AEEG and in the negotiation of white certificates using the platform of GME, Gestore Mercati Energetici.

In addition, Heat & Power also covers the management of the opportunities offered by national incentives for the environmental markets, such as green certificates, tax incentives for energy efficiency in financial law and local incentives on capital expenditure.

Purchase Management

Finally, Heat and Power offer a service to manage energy purchases on behalf of clients by performing the selection process for energy suppliers and the optimization of energy purchases.

The service provides an analysis of the energy needs not only quantitative ( kWh, cubic meters, etc.), but mostly qualitative, both from the point of view of temporality (daily, weekly , monthly, yearly) and from the point of view of the quality of service (critical supplies non-interruptible, limited interruptible, interruptible) .

All Heat and Power’s energy consulting services can also be supplied under ESCo contracts of all-inclusive energy management.